Ph.D. Students

Joseph Powell (University of Georgia)

Di Xiao (University of Georgia)

Binglin Li (University of Georgia)

MS Students

Changwon Yoon

MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering, KAIST (2021.09 ~ )

BA in Statistics / Public Governance, Korea University (2021.08)

Research Interest: Statistical Machine Learning, Functional Data Analysis



Seungwoo Kwak (Ph.D): “Application of differential privacy to a goodness-of-fit test and data release problems”, 2021, currently Post-doc at Seoul National University

Ziyang Ma (Ph.D): “New Regularization Methods for Supervised Learning with High-Dimensional Data”, 2021, currently at Wells Fargo

JC Poythress (Ph.D): “Regularization techniques for statistical methods utilizing matrix/tensor decompositions”, 2020, currently at University of New Hampshire

Hee Cheol Chung (Ph.D): “Some Contributions to Statistical Inference on Small Sample Size Data: Small Area Estimation and High Dimension Low Sample Size Data Analysis”, 2020, currently Post-doc at Texas A&M University

Debin Qiu (Ph.D): “Grouped Variable Screening for Ultrahigh Dimensional Data under Linear Model”, 2015,

currently at JP Morgan

Soyeon Jung (MS): “A New Approach for Error Correction in Multiple Goodness-of-Fit tests”, 2015,

currently at T-Mobile

Sandra S. Safo (Ph.D): “Design And Analysis Issues In High Dimension, Low Sample Size Problems”2014,

currently at University of Minnesota

Jung Ae Lee-Bartlett (Ph.D): “Sample Integrity in High Dimension“, 2013, currently at University of Messachusetts Medical School